PRINCE2 Foundation practice exams 2020 NEW 310+ questions

PRINCE2 Foundation practice exams 2020 NEW

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PRINCE2 Foundation practice exams 2020 NEW

4 practice exams

310 Questions

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Example Question:

Which statement applies to Stage Plans?

A) Always have the same duration as the Project Plan

B) Are produced at the same time as the Project Initiation Documentation

C) Assist the Project Manager in the day-to-day running and control of the project

D) Provide a baseline against which the Project Board monitor overall progress

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I am PMP trainer and project manager. I work individually on small projects and in a group on larger projects. I experience the various projects and research from the beginning. I make a proposal with the plan of action and the budget. I do also research at supervision of a senior researcher. For some projects I am project manager, which means I have to keep an eye on the quality and the overview of planning, costs and information (internal and external).

For my work I need skills in research, organization, project management and didactics. To grow in this business, I need to have a promotion. There are junior and senior researchers, for the senior researchers you have to be promoted.

The best thing about my work is the process of a research idea to a finished product, with all the steps needed beforehand, such as grant applications, identifying stakeholders, selecting methods and selecting respondents.

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