Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing-What To Do?

Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

Windows Explorer is among the vital components of your system, and when Windows Explorer keeps crashing, you will have difficulties accessing folders and files on your PC. While occasional crashes might not be too much of a problem for you, however when Windows Explorer keeps crashing too often, it is a matter which needs a … Read more

17 Best and Powerful Audio Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

Though Windows 10 includes an integrated volume mixer, it will provide the desirable music listening experience. To put audio frequencies and include advanced effects you need to select a audio equalizer on your Windows 10 device. In the following guide, we’ll be discussing a number of these top audio equalizers for Windows 10 that guarantees … Read more

Best Way To Enable Disable Android System Webview

android system webview disabled

Make sure you have accessed webpages within your in-built apps. While browsing when you click that link in Instagram, it sends you into a web page inside the apps. The accessibility to this web pages is comparable to that which we get on Chrome. This can be achieved by the Android System Webview. While on … Read more

7 Cool web browser for Roku device

Best Browsers for Your Roku Device

Launched back in 2008, Roku is a popular digital platform that offers you access to stream media content from several online platforms. But when it comes to browsing, Roku only comes with a restricted set of functions. Yes, it might sound as a drawback, but it still does not make Roku any less entertaining. Best … Read more

6 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android

6 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android

With that said, there is only something reassuring about getting your music right there in your own device without needing to worry about the vagaries of terrible Internet connections or keeping yourself amused on long haul flights. You probably need a music download app for your Android cellphone to download songs for your device. Listed … Read more

21 Facts and Statistics Of Instagram for 2021


Let us know the statics and interesting fact about Instagram. Things to know about Instagram : Users, Worth, Growth, Top Brands Influencers Posts Hashtags and more. 1.The¬†sixth most used social media platform¬†in the world is Instagram (Top social Media Platform: Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, FB Messenger and WeChat). 2.The social media platform, which has an estimated … Read more