100% Offer – Computer Network and It’s Fundamentals from A to Z

Computer Networking with Basics Technology to Advanced and Complete Knowledge for Academic level What you’ll learn Introduction of Computer Networks Fundamentals of Computer Networks Learn LAN, MAN, WAN Network Models Wireless Networks Understanding about OSI, TCP/IP Reference Models Master in all the layers of OSI Model – Presentation, Application, Network, Physical, Data Link Layer, etc. … Read more

Facebook Ads: Business Manager And Facebook Ads Retargeting

Facebook Ads

Advanced Facebook ads with Facebook Pixel, custom audiences, lookalike audiences & do Facebook retargeting ads that sell. What you’ll learn Facebook ads basics. Re-filmed for 2021 Set up the Facebook Pixel How to create lookalike audiences with Facebook ads How to run retargeting ads to specific audiences with Facebook ads Create a Facebook ads strategy … Read more

Blue Prism Certified Developer Exam –> Practice Test 2021

Blue Prism

Unique & Latest Question | Blue Prism | UiPath | Java Automation | Robot Process Automation | Exception Handling | Description Dear Friends, Are you Preparing for Blue Prism Certified Developer Exam ? Don’t be stressed, Take our Unique & Latest Mock Test and prepare yourself for the Exam. Here you will get  Latest Multiple … Read more

100% Free-Typescript with React quick start – with Jest testing


Quickly stack using Typescript with React and build great apps! Don’t stop here and write awesome tests with Jest! best free udemy courses. What you’ll learn Integrate Typescript with React apps React props and state using Typescript interfaces Build a small app with Typescript React Router and history React conditional rendering Handling parent and child … Read more

100% Offer-ManageEngine OPManager Plus Network Monitoring Course


Getting to know OPManager Plus | Configure Network Devices | Start Monitoring Devices | Report | WorkFlow | Netflow | What you’ll learn Manage Network and Troubleshooting Devices Monitoring Network Devices Configure Devices Remotely by Network Configuration Manager Analyze Traffic by NetFlow Analyzer Alerts and Notifications WorkFlow and Reports IPAM Module User Management Syslog Monitor … Read more

100% Offer-Searching and Sorting Algorithms

Searching and Sorting Algorithms

Visualize Searching and Sorting Algorithms and Implement them in C++ What you’ll learn Searching and Sorting Algorithms Requirements Yes, A basic knowledge in Data Structures and Programming is preferred Description Hey there! In this course on searching and sorting algorithms. We will be visualising the workflow of the algorithms and understanding the hang of them. … Read more

100% Offer-Learn Spanish Now: All-in-One Knowledge Course


A course covering all aspects of Latin American Spanish made for those who want to learn the language at their own pace. What you’ll learn Latin American Spanish Spanish grammar rules and vocabulary Spanish speaking and conversational skills Spanish writing skills Spanish listening skills Requirements Interested in learning Spanish Interested in learning Latin American Spanish … Read more

100% Offer-GoF Design Patterns – Complete Course with Java Examples

GoF Design

Software Design Patterns in OOP with Java examples. Architecture principles and clean code design in OOP applications-GoF Design Patterns. What you’ll learn 23 GoF Design patterns Creational patterns Behavioral patterns Structural patterns Source code examples of each pattern in Java Understanding the issue that each pattern supposed to solve Checklist for implementation of each pattern … Read more

100% Free-Complete Korean Course: Learn Korean for Beginners


Learn Korean FAST with this non-stop Korean speaking course for BEGINNERS: learning Korean will be easy and fun! What you’ll learn 600+ most useful vocabulary words Top most useful phrases you can use in everyday situations Proper Korean pronunciation Read and write in Korean Easily order foods and drinks Pronounce words correctly without hearing them … Read more