Basic Industrial Spill Contingency Exercise | 100 % free

A Gamified Approach Industrial Spill, Spill in the workplace and Chemical Spill kit.

What you’ll learn

  • Utilizes the concept of gamification to introduce you to a practical Spill Contingency Exercise built around an assumed tank farm facility and associated pipeline system during drills and actual exercise.
  • Enables you to identify key components of an Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP).
  • Exposes you to basic communication channels involved in Oil Spill Contingency Exercises (OSCE).
  • Exposes you to remedial actions required to manage and resolve an observed spill.
  • Connects your learning to real-world situation.
  • Prepares you to better tackle an eventual industrial spill.
  • Prepares you to better participate in any OSCE.
  • And Industrial Spill,Spill in the workplace,Chemical Spill kit


  • Little to no industrial field experience is required for this course and all the basic information you need is provided to get you started on utilization of the attached application without being a Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES) professional, engineer or technician. This course is all about using fun and games that enable you learn about various steps required for addressing an industrial spill, irrespective of the tier. Please, note that this is a basic general guide to set you up in the right direction and it can still be modified to match specific needs of different industries or users.


Dear students,

The transfer of knowledge either during teaching or training is meant to be fun whereby you are greatly involved in the process that interests you. This is exactly what we bring to the table with this course by deliberately infusing gamification into a Spill Contingency Exercise (SCE) so that you’d be in charge while you learn Industrial Spill, Spill in the workplace, Chemical Spill kit.

This course will introduce you to industrial SCE with bias to the petroleum industry. It’s a very important exercise often seen as boring by operators but very crucial to regulators and as such this course aims to make it a bit more interesting so as to increase the frequency of it being undertaken.

It shows you how various components and steps are linked together to enable you immediately tackle a spill, get it under control, recover the spilled product and clean-up the environment. Company communication flow chart, remedial action flow chart, project descriptions, demonstration videos and the actual gamified facility and pipeline system are all provided to give you that full sense of control.(Industrial Spill, Spill in the workplace, Chemical Spill kit)

The actual gamified SCE application provided is self-administered, you can play around with it on your own or with your colleagues, class mates, friends, and competitors. Just bear in mind that the more you practise, the faster you would be able to navigate around the exercise till the end and this translates to a high score(fast time).

Now, having gone through what the project is all about, why not take a look at some of the provided preview videos and associated curriculum to see how much you would learn. As an enrolled student, you are entitled to have unlimited access to these materials except for the gamified industrial application utilized within the course which would be provided free only for a specific period of six (6) months after activation due to licensing restrictions.

For this course, you would have support from our instructors when you need us and feel free to contact us via email or through the question and answer section. We would be more than willing to assist you gain knowledge.

So, let’s have fun.


TAC Team.

Who this course is for:

  • Board of Directors, Management staff of companies operating in sectors where there is high possibility of industrial spill would benefit from the course.
  • CASHES, operations or maintenance personnel would all benefit from this course.
  • Regulators in-charge of monitoring the spill preparedness of operators.
  • Students in secondary and tertiary institutions would equally benefit from this course.
  • Knowledge seekers who want to enhance their employability status.
  • Firms that operate in the Human Resources Management (HRM) and Personnel Training (PT) space would find this course a great addition to their tool kit for staff recruitment and knowledge enhancement both within and outside the petroleum industry.
  • Corporate communications firms would not be left out since they can use this course and associated applications to organize competitions for effective brand promotion.(Industrial Spill, Spill in the workplace and Chemical Spill kit)
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