7 Cool web browser for Roku device

Launched back in 2008, Roku is a popular digital platform that offers you access to stream media content from several online platforms. But when it comes to browsing, Roku only comes with a restricted set of functions. Yes, it might sound as a drawback, but it still does not make Roku any less entertaining.

Best web Browsers for Roku Let’s begin.

1.Media Browser for Roku

The media browser is supported by Roku and will permit you to surf the Web with no hindrance, even the content-heavy sites. You will need to make certain that you have a Media Browser Server installed and running on a local network to use. You can click here to receive your server installed on your device. It keeps on updating the browser with minor upgrades like Live TV, Photo Slideshows, Remote Control from other Media Browser Apps etc.

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2.Web Browser X

Undoubtedly, among the best web browsers for Roku, Web Browser X includes a simple, simple to use interface. Although, if you are trying to browse media content or YouTube, then it won’t handle it too well. So far as web pages are worried, it is possible to easily visit sites, bookmark your favourite webpages and do far more around browsing. To browse webpages, you can just use the left and right, up and down buttons placed on the Roku remote.

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3.Web Video Caster

Next on our list of best web browsers for Roku comes Internet Video Caster. With the support of Internet Video Caster, it is possible to browse sites, watch TV, shows, live streams, and much more. It’s a paid service which will cost you about 4.99$ subscription cost/per month but it’s well worth it.

Web Video Caster offers seamless support to Roku TV which can improve your browsing experience. Photos & sound files are supported and subtitles are found online page accordingly. Furthermore, you can use the integrated look of OpenSubtitles.org.

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4.POPRISM Web Browser

POPRISM is another popular web browser for Roku which could permit you to browse the net. But before you opt to use it, we want to let you know that do not keep your hopes too high. As far as we are talking of this port, POPRISM offers a simple and standard perspective. It includes a more text-based look and feels, nothing that may easily catch your attention.

Even once you see a page, the text placements of these fonts will be a little unformatted for more sites. There are only a few websites which are harmonious with the POPRISM browser, so if you browse for any other webpage other than that you may need to battle reading the text.

Navigating within the web pages can be quickly done with the up, down, left and right keys placed on the Roku remote. To return to the home screen, you can tap the”Return” key.\

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Xfinity is a one-stop solution for all your streaming needs. Using this Roku browser, watching; that is convenient, you can stream live sports, local news stations, and other stations. It is easy to customize the plan in line with the requirement and enjoy uninterrupted streaming. The app may be used on any device, and revel in your app in the end where you left it.

You will need to choose the subscription of the browser. The subscription costs $55 each year. The customized plans can be altered at any time according to requirements. These offerings and features also make it one of the greatest Roku internet browsers.

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Opera provides a hassle-free experience to browse over the net on Roku devices. Exactly like any conventional web browser, to use Opera, you want to connect the streaming device to your Windows computer & you’ll be able to utilize any overall keyboard to make the searches. The reason it is among the best browsers for Roku is its lightweight character and quicker engine that respond to customers’ inquiries in as little time as possible. It’s excellent integration with VPN support, helps users to unlock infinite entertainment content very quickly, while protecting your electronic identity.

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7.The Roku Channel

Named after the apparatus itself, The Roku Channel is the best web browser available today which allows you stream a huge selection of content on its own platform. Not only can you surf the net effortlessly, but could also watch the most recent news, play audio and stream your favorite content. Unlike the majority of the internet browsers for Roku, it uploads all its content from Yahoo and keeps users amused with the latest upgrades.

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Try Screen Mirroring Instead

As you have to’ve got a fair idea by now, using a web browser on Roku does not sound like a fantastic idea. Thus, to browse the Web on Roku, you may even attempt screen mirroring instead.

With the support of screen mirroring, it is simple to throw your smartphone or tablet’s content on your tv screen to surf the internet.


Can you surf the Web on Roku?

Roku offers you a wide assortment of entertaining media content such as movies, TV shows, live sports events. Although, when it comes to surfing the world wide web, Roku does not have a built-in native browser centre. To be able to browse the Internet on your television set through Roku, you would have to install any additional third-party internet browser on your device.

Is there a free web browser for Roku?

The above-mentioned internet browsers for Roku may be used for surfing the Internet on your Video. You may choose Web Browser X, as it is a free web browser for Roku, and use it without paying an additional subscription fee.

Can I get Google Chrome in my Roku?

Google Chrome web browser isn’t supported by Roku. But to enjoy a Google Chrome-like browsing experience on Roku, you can try display mirroring instead. It is possible to set up the Google Chrome mobile program in your smartphone, and then throw your device on to the tv to browse the Web on a huge screen.

How Can I Cast my browser into Roku?

As Roku doesn’t have a native web browser of its own, you may either use third party web browsers which are mentioned above or use display mirroring to throw the browser.


Here are a few of the best web browsers for Roku which will permit you to surf the Web on your Roku TV. Do let us know which one is the top favorite fastest browser for Roku in the above-mentioned list. Don’t hesitate to hit the comments box!

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