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Sample Questions:

Which three statements are true about the degree of availability of multi-server Business Objects Enterprise System? (Choose three.)

Regular backups of your Central Management Server (CMS) database and the File Repository Server System (FRS) files are essential.

If a service fails, it can take over for another service on the same server.

If an active Enterprise of failure, downtime depends on how quickly the other server machine can be built.

If an active Enterprise service fails, the downtime is minimal, because the backup service to another device.

Which three groups of people should be consulted when collecting requirements Business Objects Enterprise Architecture plan? (Choose three.)

knowledge workers


the leaders of the IT department

PC support specialists

You are responsible for designing a disaster recovery organization, Business Objects Enterprise system. You need to ensure that the serious disaster, backup Business Objects Enterprise system can be restarted at least downtime. Once it is online, the backup system should act as a comparable speed until the production system can be restored to full operation. What are the objectives of three planning should include disaster recovery plan? (Choose three.)

Redundant servers should be at all times.

Redundant servers should be raised only if the disaster.

Incorporate additional license fees for the estimated cost of the project

Emergency systems must be exact mirror of the production system.

Establish a procedure for notifying it to activate a backup system personnel.

What are the two strategies will help to ensure high availability of Business Objects Enterprise System? (Choose two.)

To implement fault tolerance.

To optimize the hardware.

Implement a disaster recovery plan.

Optimize the network.

What features enable Business Objects Business Objects Enterprise system to implement safety in the column? (Choose two.)


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