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Science Based: 12 SECRET LANGUAGES – Memory Personality Test – 4x Faster Memory, Learning Formats and Learning Strategy.

What you’ll learn

  • # Master your memory efficiently and learn up to 4 times faster !
  • # Get trained by 3x time author, best-selling Author. +1000 Live Presentations.
  • # You will know your unique memory personality and can choose and use the memory languages you are most successful with.
  • # Free Online Memory Personality test – finding your favorites among the 12 Secret Memory Languages.
  • # You can create the right learning situations and choose learning formats that fits your personality and will make you successful
  • # Smartly build and stay on target with super effective learning strategies that easily can 2x or 3x your memory and learning efficiency and speed
  • # You can avoid your weak learning languages and have access to translate them into strong languages. To avoid your memory slipping…
  • # You will realize which types of memory techniques works for you
  • # You will Master 3 unique strategies and 9 proven memory techniques to remember names on your colleagues, customers and vendors
  • # Bonus: You will uncover how your Memory Personality affects your communication and how you reach people better and a broader audience


  • A commitment to succeed in your work life, career, study or business.
  • Online Memory Personality Test is included for FREE – The 12 Secret Languages.


Do you know your Unique Memory Personality?

Do you know how you personally learn and remember the easiest and fastest way?

Do you know which of our 12 Secret Memory Languages works best for you?

Hi, I’m Dan Agervig Hansen; Corporate trainer and coach since 25 years, Bestselling author, and creator of the Memory Personality Typology and the 12 Secret Languages

Imagine if you had remembered the essential parts of all your thousands of hours of training and education. What could that have done to your career, study, and business?

In this Master Class, we will together uncover the Secret of Memory and Learning!

Uncovering how we each have a unique memory and learning personality and how we use it – better!

I will give you access to the Science-Based Memory Personality Online Test, so you can find your Unique Memory and Learning Personality. You get the test results instantly

and I will show you how you turn that into fast and practical improvements in your career, study, and business. And you can guide others!

Our Memory anatomy chooses between our 12 Secret Memory Languages. Depending on our favorites. Many of us know it will be helpful to improve our memory and learning. But Even if we are ready, focused, and highly motivated, we don’t know what to do? Or How to do it?

This is all going to change with this Master Class… Next Generation of Memory and Learning Improvement.

With the 12 Secret Languages, You can create the right learning situations and choose learning formats that fit your personality and will make you more successful at work, study, or in business.

You can build super-effective learning strategies. That easily can 2x or 3x your memory and learning efficiency and speed.

Where can you get the most benefit from improving your memory and learning?

This Master Class is built on my 3 books, especially the New release “Memory Improvement Next-gen”. You get Nearly 2,5 hour of original high-quality video content

A series of Resource sheets to make you a more efficient learner. And laser-targeted exercises that will give you instant results. I will also show you real-life cases, of how others succeeded so you too can succeed easily.

This is the Next generation of memory and learning improvement!

I daringly call this next generation of learning and memory improvement, because I’m introducing you to the groundbreaking overview of our memory anatomy I have developed over the last 20 years. It’s based on a synthesis of sciences like neuroscience, learning theories, heart-brain field studies, meditation research, and personality typologies.

We learn and remember in different ways. But still, we are treated like we are all the same and this is often the reason while some of us succeed and others unnecessarily fail. Just like we have different geographic languages, we have different memory languages. Obviously, we will learn best in our own mother tongue and will face difficulties when communicated to in Swahili. Likewise, we will be faster and more successful in remembering and learning when using our favorite memory languages… and will struggle when trying in untrained languages. This way you can easily 2x, 3x, or 4x your memory and learning speed and efficiency…

Or would you like to help others succeed?

Your learning adventure starts immediately after you enroll in this course….

I look forward to seeing you inside

Who this course is for:

  • Business and organization leaders, owners, employees and interns that want more success with their work life, career and business..
  • Career shifters, job seekers and students starting out their career, that want to prepare for excellence in their next job.
  • Teachers, educators and students
  • Consultants, trainers and coaches that want to develop unique skills and train others to become more successful in building their career and business.

This course includes:

  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • 14 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

If this course was expired means read our disclosure.


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