100% Free-Japanese language course: MISJ NOVICE PROGRAM LEVEL 1

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Go beyond the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM in the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable way

What you’ll learn

  • Finish learning Hilagana & Katakana reading and writing, and some Kanji will be introduced. ✔The topics of conversation introduced in the WELCOME PROGRAM such as greetings and talking about people, places & things are expanded. ✔New conversational topics are; inviting someone to join you, how to ask questions to ELDERS/SUPERIORS/OUTSIDERS, talking about schedule, and talking about existence. ✔New topics of grammar are; how to use new VERBS, how to add the MEANS & the COUNTERPART information, how to use ADVERBS in VERB sentences, and several 「ますFORM」based expressions. Also, a lot of training is given so that students become able to smoothly convert BASIC Information to HEADLINE or ALSO Information.


  • ・The willingness to learn more about Japanese language and culture ・English listening ability ・Can read basicひらがな andカタカナ
  • ・Just like the WELCOME PROGRAM, this program is carefully designed so that you can learn everything systematically. So, when you study this program for the first time, be sure to watch the videos from the beginning, in order, without jumping around to random topics. When you review, you may watch them in any order.


This is the course for the students who have finished learning the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM and want to learn more about the Japanese language and Japanese culture. It consists of 11 lessons. From Lesson 1 to Lesson 4, students learn more about Japanese NOUN sentences. The topics that students learned in the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM SECTION 1, such as greetings and shopping, will be enhanced. From Lesson 5 to Lesson 10-2, in addition to the continuous training of the PARTICLE changes, students will learn more knowledge of grammar concerning VERB sentences such as how to use new VERBS, how to use ADVERBS, and how and why the word order changes during conversations.

The new topics of conversation are; Inviting someone to do something together, making plans, offering a favor, talking about schedule, and talking about existence. Students can also learn various kinds of 「ますFORM」-based expressions and VERBS.   

Good luck with your study and I hope you enjoy the atmosphere of taking a lesson in the classroom.   

Who this course is for:

  • ・Finished learning the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM is ideal. However, if being confident in making basic NOUN, VERB, and ADJECTIVE sentences and can handle these sentences in conversation, it would be fine.
  • ・To check if you are ready for learning this program, please watch the video “Lecture 3” (Review: VERB conjugation). If you find it hard to follow, I recommend that you study the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM SECTION 3 beforehand.
  • ・To check if you are ready for learning this program, please also watch the video “Lecture 4″ (: Making a long sentence)”. If you find it hard to follow, I recommend that you study the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM SECTION 2 beforehand.

This course includes:

  • 16 hours on-demand video
  • 45 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

If this course was expired means read our disclosure.


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