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Sample Questions:

It adds an entry to the directory relational database for IASP when:

IASP has varied over

The IASP is created.

The first library is created in the IASP.

A user uses the ADDRDBDIRE command to add it.


On a command, is specified ASPDEV (*). This directs the system for the purpose so that the command includes all the libraries that are located in which of the following locations?

On the system

In all the IASP system

In the name of the thread library space

In the IASP in the name space of the thread library


When restoring a disk pool during a loss of all system data, what is the correct sequence of steps to follow?

Restore all objects, Restore ASP System, Create Disk Pool

Restoring ASP System, Create Disk Pool, Outdoor disk recovery, Restore Run Command Authority

Restoring ASP system configuration, disk repair Pool and outdoor Create Disk, Restore Run Command Authority

the Pool Disk Recovery, ASP System Restore, Restore Run Command Authority


While an IASP is varied off, the status will be changed to what value before reaching ‘varied off’?




Vary off waiting


Which of the following is the best way to associate an independent ASPs with a job / thread?

Specify the parameter on INLASPGRP subsystem routing entries used to start the work.

Specify the parameter INLASPGRP about user profiles that require access to the IASP

Set the parameter on INLASPGRP QDFTJOBD so you will not need to be changed to user profiles.

Create a duplicate of QDFTJOBD, setting the parameter on the new INLASPGRP JOBD, and modify user accounts to use the new JOBD.


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