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Sample Questions-Google Ad words

Q) Mike is reviewing its Google AdWords goals and decided that its primary focus for its activities and Google Adwords is to get more clicks. most likely lead to more clicks on Google AdWords Mike What action?

a) Mike should increase its advertising budget and use the CPM bidding method to get more exposure and more clicks.

b) Mike should increase its ad exposure by adding relevant keywords and site placements to your ad groups while making his text more compelling ad.

c) Mike needs to focus on your ads and keywords to attract the right audience, and then focus on your content and make sure the landing page and entire website is set up to let users find the specific thing promoted in your ad .

d) Mike needs to focus on ad quality. He’ll attract more clicks by refining your ads, and eliminate extra impressions by using negative keywords.

Q) Are you a Google AdWords consultant for a company that sells their software online. Your client is using Google AdWords for research and as part of the Google content network. Your client also uses its services for SEO. Today we meet with your customer and want to add a way to monitor and learn how users interact with their websites. As a solution, the following, it would be best to target your customer?

a) Google statistics

b) Google Conversion Tracking

c) Google sponsored listing

d) Google AdWords Editor

Q) When you start working with Google Website Optimizer There are two essential pages you need to identify. What are the two pages?

a) test page and the live page

b) test page and conversion page

c) Landing page and conversion page

d) Landing page and conversion page

Q) Joan is about to join the Google AdWords for its travel agency for its European activities. He wants to direct customers across Europe using English, Spanish, French, Flemish and ads. Which of the following is the best advice you could offer Joan of Google AdWords, to drive more languages?

a) Create four ads – one for each language.

b) Create four ad groups – one for each language.

c) Create four campaigns – one for each language.

d) Use only in English, as it is the most common of the four languages he is targeting.

Q) You are trying to determine the return on investment for a Google AdWords campaign for a client. Which of the following is the correct formula for finding the return on investment for Google AdWords?

a) (Revenues from sales – Advertising expenses) / Revenues from sales

b) (Revenues from sales – Advertising expenses) / Ad Duration

c) (Revenues from sales – Advertising costs) / Advertising costs

d) (Revenues from sales – cost of advertising)

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